Promotional flyer showing the logos of several organizations that have licensed The Great Disconnect

“Municipalities, NGO’s, neighbourhood leadership all stand to advance the neighbouring movement through the showing of this compelling work.”

Host a Screening

A screening at your next event, conference, summit or AGM can serve as a launch pad in stimulating conversations on timely topics.

Since its official launch in October 2019, the film has screened internationally through multiple municipalities, non-profits and NGO's. It has also been featured in over twelve independent film festivals, and in October 2020, the documentary won the award for Best Feature Film at the prominent Better Cities Film Festival. The judges’ panel included the famous architect Jan Gehl alongside other esteemed architects and urbanists.

We are currently licensing screenings of the film for a variety of organizations and purposes.

From providing a film discussion guide to helping you market your event, we have resources to ensure your event is successful and impactful. For ideas on how to organize a screening click here.

We also have a new way for you to watch. Those of you who'd like to gather a few neighbours and watch it ( a little watch party). Click here for details


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