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“I’m inspired and moved by The Great Disconnect. Its powerful message is delivered in engaging and relatable way and stays with you long after the end of the film. You'll be talking / thinking about it afterwards...I still am.”



We are living in a time that has been described as the age of loneliness. Despite Western advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare, we, as a society, are isolating ourselves from one another, and because of this, facing a health crisis that affects all ages, genders, races, and cultures.

But how have we become so disconnected?  And what can we do to change the status quo and fulfill our potential for health and well-being?

Join wellness expert Tamer Soliman as he journeys through North American cities to meet with local citizens, community activists, and leading authorities on social, economic, and urban planning to discover the true factors that have profound and lasting impacts, not only on our health, but the health of the communities in which we live.

This timely documentary invites us to reflect on the relationships we have with those around us and raises the question: is it possible to overcome our modern culture of disconnectedness and rediscover how truly essential we are to one other?

“The documentary is informative and entertaining while driving home a powerful lesson in this era of the great disconnect.”



Tamer Soliman

Director, Producer, Co-Writer

Tamer is a director, producer and editor. Whether behind the camera or in the editing suite, Tamer approaches all of his projects with curiosity, sensitivity and creativity. Currently living in Ottawa, Tamer is partnering up with community leaders locally and internationally to continue to spread the message of this film.


Jeremy Walton

Co-Producer, Executive Producer, Photographer

Following a successful 25-year career in the financial services industry, Jeremy turned his business acumen and work ethic to film production. He was an associate producer of the comedy horror film Zombie Driftwood, Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary Bright Spot and Co-Producer of The Great Disconnect. In 2018, he formed Windjammer Productions to acquire and develop a slate of properties for TV and film production.


Rob Tyler

Director Of Photography, Creative Director and Editor

Rob is an award winning filmmaker located in the Cayman Islands. His previous film work includes the award winning documentary Bright Spot, which he created alongside friend and colleague, Tamer Soliman. Rob now runs his own production company Armada Films and is an active member of the film community in Cayman.


Sarah Douglas

Writer and Story Editor

Sarah is a multi-passionate educator who believes in the power of community wellbeing.  As a writer of the film, it is her hope that The Great Disconnect becomes part of a movement to create a more mindful, conscious and connected place for us all to live in. After working and living abroad for a number of years, Sarah is happy to be back in Canada, building her community in Ottawa, Ontario. 


Stephen Price

Executive Producer

Stephen Price has been with a leading financial services firm since 2001. He's been involved in supporting a number of charities namely Inclusion Cayman and the Breast Cancer Foundation. His purpose has always been to help clients thrive and communities prosper. Proud to have played a major role in the making of this film, Stephen is also promoting its viewership around the world in order to support community wellbeing for all.  


Candy Whicker

Associate Producer

Candy has always enjoyed telling stories and loves the medium of film, so after a successful investment banking career she decided to delve into the world of filmmaking. In 2016 she joined Tamer on The Great Disconnect as an associate producer and filmed behind the scenes. Candy is married to Simon, has two grown children, and values living in a small, connected community in Cayman.


Neville Hicks

Executive Producer

Neville began his career with DHX media and has since moved on to work in media investment banking and asset management. Born and raised in Canada, Neville has been calling the Cayman Islands home for over 10 years. An active member in the community, Neville donates his time to the Special Needs Foundation and is thrilled to see the positive impact The Great Disconnect has had on communities in Cayman and around the globe. 

"The film, the team and its message has been a key inspiration for us to build a startup focused on addressing isolation in apartment buildings and dense urban living spaces. Our goal is to build connectedness and resilience in urban communities - the film brilliantly portrays the social, cultural and economic roots of the isolation problem."


Before making this film, I had been aware of the concept of community wellbeing, but I never really thought too much about it, and I definitely didn’t think it was a key factor in achieving optimal health. Working as a health and wellness professional for over a decade, I advised my clients that health was defined by two things: what we ate and how much we exercised.

But all of that changed after a trip to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Rob, my good friend and Director of Photography, and I stayed a few nights in a small mountain camp, outfitted with just the basics for simple village life. The purpose of the trip was to learn from the local population about food, nutrition and sustainable living, but what really overwhelmed us was the profound sense of community. Despite lacking (many possessions and material things), the people of this village seemed happy, healthy and connected to one another. This made me wonder – how do people in North America feel about their sense of community and connectedness? And what, if any, effect does this have on our health and overall wellbeing?

These questions inspired me to direct and produce The Great Disconnect. As I met with experts in economic, social and urban design, I discovered how multifaceted this idea of community wellbeing is, and the ill effects that happen as a result of community breakdown. These issues not only impact personal health and wellbeing but the health and wellbeing of communities on a much larger scale. Loneliness and social isolation are being labeled as epidemics - epidemics that may become one of society’s biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Making this film has changed my definition of what it really means to be healthy - physically, emotionally, and socially.  My hope is that by watching this film people will reflect on the idea that to be well, we need to find ways to come together. The health of society as a whole depends on it.

Tamer Soliman, Director


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